Human-Centered Computing Foundations, Fall 2010

Human-Centered Computing Foundations, Fall 2010

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Gerhard Fischer, Hal Eden, and Holger Dick — Fall 2010

CSCI 3002: Human-Centered Computing Foundations


CSCI 7000: Current Topics in Computer Science: Human-Centered Computing Foundations

Time: Monday and Wednesday 04:00pm-05:15pm

Location: ITLL 1B50 (Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab, next to Engineering Center)

This course will introduce the foundations for Human-Centered Computing (HCC). As computing is changing our lives, this transformation is shaped not only by technology but also by how people express themselves, how they think, how they interact with computational artifacts, and how they collaborate with other humans. The broad-based research area of HCC will prepare students to contribute to this accelerating global process. Students will learn about, design, develop, and assess socio-technical environments that tie together technology with communication, collaboration, and other social processes to address the challenges and opportunities of our future world.

The course will cover practice and research in human computer interaction, design of interactive systems, computer supported cooperative work, computer supported collaborative learning, educational technology, tools that support creativity, user-developed knowledge collections, and gaming. Specific topics addressed will include: Cultures of Participation, Web 2.0 Environments, Design, Meta-Design, End-User Development, (Social) Creativity, and Distributed Cognition.

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